Cupola Plans

The cupola is an architectural structure or dome that is designed to rest on top of building roofs. Although the exact nature of the cupola is still uncertain, this type of structure is beautiful and if accessible from the inside, the perfect place for a great view. While you typically think of the cupola as being large, perhaps in a downtown area, the truth is that the cupola can also be enjoyed for a personal residence.

Plan Overview

With cupola plans, you could actually build your own. Most plans are easy to follow and if you go with a kit, everything needed would be included. If you enjoy weekend home improvement projects and find you are handy with tools, then perhaps adding a cupola to your gazebo would make a great adventure. If you want to go all out, you could choose a cupola with sundial, making the appearance impressive and the entire structure a great conversation piece.


Finding a cupola plan with a sundial front has become a favorite choice. Keep in mind that this type of clock or sundial actually works. Just imagine having a gazebo or poolside building with a beautiful cupola that features its own sundial. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, you will find a number of cupola plans available through local home improvement stores, builders, and of course, online.

What Comes with the Plan

New ParagraphFor this particular type of cupola plan, you would receive everything needed for final construction. As an example, the plans would come with redwood (or whatever type of wood your particular kit includes), 24-gauge copper sheeting, sundial, weathervane, and even copper parts. Of course, remember that all cupola plans are a bit different and if you want to change out certain materials, you can. Regardless, the finished structure will typically look very good if it is done well.

Free Plans

If you shop around online, you will likely find a large selection of free cupola plans. Although the method of delivery may different, some sent via DVD, some hard copy, or perhaps downloadable, you will soon have everything needed. If you download free cupola plans available in PDF formatting, these could be used exactly as provided. The other possibility would be to use CAD with architectural skills to make customized changes.

Cupolas and Structures

Keep in mind that a cupola could be added not just to a gazebo but also a barn or any other type of similar outbuilding. Just remember when choosing cupola plans that you want the design and size that matches the building. After all, the cupola is supposed to be the cherry on the Sunday, the focal point. Therefore, if you go with cupola plans that provide too small or too large a design for the intended location, it will look bad, totally defeating its purpose. However, when purchasing online cupola plans, you will likely be asked very specific questions so this type of mistake is avoided.