Metal Cupolas

The cupola has been a favorite addition to cathedrals, churches, barns, and public buildings for years and recently, it has become a favorite addition to homes and garages around the country. Designed to sit on the pitch of the roof, the cupola adds character and charm. Although you will find many cupolas constructed from wood such as white pine, redwood, and poplar, you also have a choice of going with metal cupolas, which are just as beautiful in their own right.

The great thing about choosing a metal cupola is that you end up with an enhancement to your home but also one that will last for many years, giving you value and personal enjoyment. Considering there are so many options for the base, the column, and the roof, you can mix and match to create something unique, or choose from standard styles. In either case, your structure will look amazing.

To give you an idea of some of the options on the market today, we have listed a few to get you started.

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Squire Style

The squire style of cupola is a relatively unique style. A squire style cupola is octagonal sshape and has a unique roof. The squire style was popularized in the mid 1800's by the architect Orson Squire Fowler, after which it is named. This cupola style is popular and looks good on many older types of houses.


Victorian style is a common style for cupolas. The Victorian style is often used to describe architecture from the time of reign of Queen Victoria in Britian. This extended from 1837 to 1901. This style is actually a variety of styles, but often features pointed rooftops and shaped windows. Cupolas of this style are often used on older homes.

Rustic or Lodge

Rustic or Lodge style is often a more simple style fora cupola. These types of cupolas often include wood construction and are simple and made of beams. They also appear sturdy. These types of cupolas can be used effectively on barns, mountain homes, or in other natural settings.

Modern or Contemporary

The modern or contempory look for cupolas features strong angles and clean design. A modern cupola may also feature a cast iron weather vane on top. Believe it or not, many people who buy cupolas want to have a cupola for a look that hearkens back in time. Consequently, modern cupolas need to have the right type of building.

Additional Features

You can choose from a number of materials to include lead coated copper, copper, and zinc. In addition, these style of metal cupolas often come with your choice of windows or louvers and an insect screen for added protection.

Copper Cupolas

Keep in mind that these options for metal cupolas are just a few. With copper being the most popular choice of metal, this too will come with decisions. For instance, some people like untreated metal, which changes as it reacts to the environment. What you see is the shiny copper penny look turning to a brownish black color. Then over time, the copper would become patina, which is a dark green. Now, if you prefer the shiny copper, you can treat it with special chemicals to maintain the glowing beauty.