Custom Cupolas

Today, many home, and business owners are looking for ways to make their structure stand out in a positive way but without going to too great an expense. Although something as siding and new windows are nice, they are also costly. If you want to create a little something extra, some type of architectural interest, then you might consider a custom cupola.

Craftsman or Contractor

When choosing a custom cupola, two of the most important factors include working with a skilled craftsman and choosing the right size cupola. First, a reputable craftsman will know the appropriate type of wood, how to make all designs, when to recommend lanterns versus louvers, and so on. In most cases, redwood, white pine, mahogany, and a material called polyethylene are used. In the case of the wood, these are all naturally resistant to rot and insects, meaning the cupola would last for a long time. However, polyethylene is also used, which is a strong material that does not rot or fade.


Second, you need to choose the right size cupola. The most common mistake seen is people choosing size from the ground without realizing that once the cupola is in place on the roof, it now becomes much smaller. Therefore, it is important that appropriate measurements be taken. Again, working with a qualified craftsman will help you with this process so you end up with a gorgeous cupola that is not too large or too small.

Architectural Style

The custom cupola should look architecturally beautiful while providing top functionality. You see, in addition to looking great, perhaps with added louvers, lanterns, or weathervane, the cupola is also a great ventilation system. The good news is that custom cupolas are big business. As popularity of this structure begins to climb, we see many skilled workers bringing back a trade that had quieted down for a few years. This means homeowners and business owners enjoying something that comes from old-school carpentry skills.

Unique Creations

With a custom cupola, you generally get the best of everything. In addition to skilled labor, you also pay for quality components, starting from the base all the way up to the top of the dome. Typically, a company or craftsman that makes custom cupolas would not make things in mass production. Therefore, working with the creator of the cupola, you get the chance to create something unique, perhaps a one-of-a-kind cupola. The craftsman should listen to the look and functionality you want, visit the site where the cupola would be installed, and then sit down with you to discuss the perfect options.