Barn Cupolas

If you have a barn but the plain, ordinary appearance is doing nothing for you or your property, you might consider adding on a barn cupola. With any cupola, the key is to choose quality materials and the right size for the structure on which it will be placed. This domelike structure has a certain charm that looks great on a number of buildings to include the barn. In fact, some people will add a cupola to a gazebo, a home, garage, and so on.


As far as choosing the right size for your new barn cupola, a good rule to follow is a minimum of one inch of cupola width for each foot of root length. In other words, if the barn roof measures 20 feet long, the cupola should be at least 20 inches wide, if not a little more. The result will be an elegant architectural structure, giving character to an otherwise drab building.

Weather Resistant Material

When choosing the barn cupola, we strongly suggest you choose weather and rust resistant material. Since the cupola will be permanent and exposed all year round, it needs to be designed for the outside environment. For instance, while wood is a common material, it could warp, rot, or split over time. Instead, you might consider high-density polyethylene, which looks great but last longer without the worry of colors fading.

In fact, when it comes time to choose a barn cupola, going with a weather resistant material seems to be the favorite choice. Many of these newer models come in a variety of colors so you can enhance any barn the way you want. Additionally, you need a weathervane for your barn cupola. Something such as a buggy, rooster, and horse are all popular options. Then, if you want to make the barn cupola stand out, you could even choose designs that feature a photo-sensor light kit. With this, as the sun goes down beyond the horizon, the cupola would become illuminated.

Mini Farms

Barns have become increasingly popular over the past 10 years. While you will still find thousands of farms with the original structure, we also see smaller barns now constructed on mini-farms. For instance, some people will purchase 5, 10, or perhaps 15 acres, a place in the country for raising a family. While a huge barn is not needed, it is nice to have an outbuilding where the riding lawnmower, gardening tools, and other items can be stored. Therefore, smaller barns are being erected. Now, to complete the look, especially to complement the home, a barn cupola could be added, providing a bit of elegance in an otherwise rustic setting.