Cupolas Used in Architecture

For centuries, cupolas have been an important part of the American heritage. This dome-shaped ornament is designed to sit on top of a roof, creating character and sophistication. With cupolas, these can be large to where they take up most or all of the structure of the roof or small, simply being an enhancement. With so many beautiful styles, you could enhance any building, whether a resident or backyard garage.

Famous Cupola Buildings

Keep in mind that cupolas have been used in architecture for many years and while we still enjoy them, they can be enjoyed by the public, as well. To give you some ideas of how cupolas were used in architecture over the years, we have listed some of the more famous buildings.

Samuel Newsom Town Hall (1905 in Gilroy, California)

S. and J. C. Newsom/W. Carson House (1884 to 1886 in Eureka, California)

Old Courthouse (1732 in New Castle, Delaware)

Olavinlinna Castle circa (1475 in Sayolinna, Finland)

George B. Post State Capitol Building (1917 in Madison, Wisconsin)

Fischer von Ehrlach Karlskirche (1715 in Vienna, Austria)

A. Palladio, San Giorgio Maggiore (1566 in Venice, Italy)

Longhena, Santa Maria della Salute (1631 to 1687 in Venice, Italy)

St. Mark's Basilica (1063 to 17th Century in Venice, Italy)

S. Maria di Loreto and SS. Nome di Maria

G. della Porta et al., St. dome (1588 in Rome, Italy)

F. Borromini, San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane (1637 to 1641 in Rome, Italy)

Guarino Guarini San Lorenzo (1668 to 1687 in Turin, Italy)

Modern Cupolas

As you can see, cupolas used in architecture are quite impressive. Although most of these are full size cupolas, meaning they take up the entire top of the roof, you can purchase smaller cupolas that are great for households and businesses. Today, we even see cupolas being used in the building of shopping centers, hospitals, schools, libraries, restaurants, and other common businesses. The result is a gorgeous design that takes something from centuries ago and makes it modern.

Even places such as daycare centers, dry cleaners, and pet stores are turning to cupolas as a way of enhancing appearance but also efficiency. You see, if you were to choose a style with a window or louvers, then the cupola can help draw hot air out of the attic, helping to cut back on energy costs. The bottom line is that cupolas used in today's architecture are truly exciting and beneficial.