Rooftop Cupola Installation

If you want a way to enhance your home or business, you should consider adding a cupola. Today, the cupola comes in all types of styles, sizes, shapes, and materials. In addition, the cupola is a very affordable way to make your home more efficient while also improving the overall appearance. The interesting thing about a cupola is that because it looks so great, most people believe the installation process is difficult but in truth, a rooftop cupola installation is much easier than one might think.

Cupola Project

In fact, if you want to get involved with various types of weekend projects as a means of improving your home, the rooftop cupola installation would be ideal. You need very few tools and in a matter of little time, your home will take on a completely different appeal. You will even discover that rooftop cupola installation is an excellent way to increase the value of your home.

Measure Roof Pitch

After reading these instructions for installation, you will understand just how easy the process really is. The first and most important step is to measure the pitch of your roof. These vary and the numbers you come up with determine the style and size cupola you purchase. Next, the center of the cupola box needs to be measured so you determine the center. Now, the roof angle would be transferred to the box.

Roof Angles

The next step involves marking the curve of the peak on the box, followed by cutting the roof angles. Then, you would need to mark the box location, placing it over the pitch of the roof to ensure it sits securely and evenly. Using four screw blocks, these would be secured into place and then the cupola box would be secured to the blocks. Once this is attached, the cupola box is screwed onto the box base.

Cupola Cap

After the piece with the windows or louvers is secured onto the bottom base, the cap of the cupola needs to be screwed securely into place. You would then use silicone around the vane holder, making sure all of the pieces are carefully sealed. When the silicone is completely dry, the weathervane (if used), would be set into place. Typically, the weathervane would come with some type of screws or other hardware for attachment.

Cupola Form and Function

Now remember, you can use a rooftop cupola strictly for ornamental purposes, enhancing the look of the home or business. On the other hand, you could choose to have a contractor create a hole in the actual structure roof in which the cupola would be used with a windows or louver design to help draw hot air out of the attic. If you go with this latter choice, you should consider using protective mesh, which will help keep bugs and critters out.