Cupola Installation

Are you ready to upgrade the look of your home or business but not sure what you can do? A great option that looks amazing, is affordable, and relatively easy to install is the addition of a cupola. The installation process does require some knowledge although being a master craftsman is not necessary.

Roof Pitch

The first step is to determine the pitch of the roof on which the cupola will be installed. If the pitch were greater than 12-degrees, you would also need to install an extension base. To determine your roof's pitch, nail two, 24-inch sticks together so they are three inches from one end. Then, with an angle finder, place it on the peak of the roof. Use the two sticks for marking the installation point.


Next, the base would need to be cut. In this case, we recommend you start with a piece of cardboard that would be the same size as just one side of the cupola base. Then, the vertical center can be determined, marking it with a line. You also need to measure in from the bottom corners about .75 of an inch, again marking it. Using the angle finder that you just created, place it on the cardboard, making sure the intersection is on the centerline.

Angles and Corners

Now, you will need to lower or raise the angle finder until it reaches the point so the bottom corners meet. The triangle would be traced and the peak rounded off to follow the shape of the roof. Once done, the triangle would be cut out. Keep in mind that before you begin any permanent installation of the cupola use one piece of the cardboard on the roof first, to make sure you have the size and shape exact. If everything fits, as it should, you could proceed with cutting cut out the base and starting the installation.


On the location where you want the cupola, you would place it down, marking the foot using a pencil or chalk. Lift the base off, setting it aside. Next, four pressure treated blocks would be attached to the roof, allowing for the base thickness. To seal off any spaces between the blocks and the base of the cupola, use a silicone product. Just make sure the silicone is not sealed to the roof. The base would then be set on the blocks, using screws to attach them. Once the entire cupola is in place, you can countersink and stain or paint the screws so they do not show.